Foundations of Good People Practice

    • Completion of an ‘HR Audit’.  Where are you currently in terms of your people practices?  Start with ensuring that your organisation is compliant with current employment law and has essential procedures and policies in place.
    • Review of your Structure.  Right People doing the Right Things.  Support with ensuring that your structure provides clarity for your people on their roles and responsibilities, and how you want them to fit in to your culture  and work effectively.   This clarity makes it easier to recruit the right people and pay them appropriately.
    • Recruitment support.  What and who do you need in your organisation?  How will you assess the skills and knowledge they have to give you the best chance of making a good decision?  And how will you make sure they get up to speed quickly?
    • Policies and Procedures.  Do you have in place what you need legally?  Are your policies and procedures understood and managed, or left on a shelf?  Do your Policies and Procedures reflect your culture?
    • Introducing HR to your business.  When is the right time to introduce HR support or input to your business?  What do HR people do?  What kind of HR person/service would support your business and help you and your people grow?
    • Difficult Conversations.  A tricky problem that you need to talk through?  People falling out with each other, not turning up for work, or not performing?  Talk it through with someone who can give commercial and pragmatic guidance and support.