Strategy and Organisational Development

  • Building your culture.  Your culture sets the guiding principles for the way your business and teams work.  How do you establish what your culture is and communicate this so everyone is on the same page?   How do you manage cultural change and get your people to work with you, rather than for?  We help you with all aspects of building and maintaining a positive culture.
  • Planning for and Dealing with Change. Change is a constant in all businesses, and across all sectors.  Leading and implementing change effectively minimises the risk, and maximises the chances of success and growth.  With many case studies of successfully leading and supporting change management, Prospero People can support you and your organisation effectively.
  • Vision and Values.  Clarifying and communicating both your vision and values are key elements of developing a high performing organisation and an effective and enjoyable workplace.  We help you to determine  what’s important to your business, and how best to share this with all stakeholders in the business.
  • Succession Planning.  Workforce dynamics are changing and we will now more commonly see four generations working together.  How do you ensure that you are planning for the workforce you need in the future to sustain your business.  What skills do you need and how will you find and attract these individuals in an ever more competitive market?  We can help you determine the skills and knowledge you need and how to spot and develop your future leaders either internally or externally.
  • Organisational Effectiveness. Organisational effectiveness happens when everyone pulls together towards the same goals, clear of their own roles and responsibilities and the part they play in the team.  This all takes planning, management and clear communication.
  • The Employee Voice.  What do your employees have to say about working as part of your organisation?  They are often in the best position to identify both strengths and areas needing improvement.  Employee surveys and focus group discussions allow you to get this feedback.  Most importantly, this feedback allows you to identify and implement an appropriate action plan for continual improvement, with the engagement of your staff.  We can manage this process for you, providing bespoke solutions which will enable you to measure and track success year on year.